Light Lounge -pre launch - Joanna

Light Lounge

Join us ...

Beta Round...

Join the BETA round of my exclusive new membership community

Light Lounge to heal your energy from lack to LIGHT - Getinto the community everyone will be talking about before the doors officially open.  

Learn: Energy consciousness, self development and how to move from dark to light, reconnecting to source energy as solution to all of life's problems.  

Experience: Energy Clearings, removing of consciousness wounds,  deep healing, wisdom from my Spirit Team Skylar,  meditations, LightTools and mind expanding 

conversations with the worlds Light Consciousness leaders! 

Plus get measurable results with our Chakra support system to help you on your journey to expansion, healing and ascension! 

Light Lounge 

Light Lounge  has been designed to be bite sized info and practices to create BIG changes your life. 

Life is overwhelming enough, sometimes it can feel like we are to do a million things to help ourselves and then somehow find time to work, wear all the multiple hats of life, fit in a bunch of activities, find the money for the latest iphone while remembering to pick up the kids and coming up with dinner ideas to rival Jamie Oliver in the kitchen...  Urgh!

...It's exhausting! 

A little wonder so many people are experiencing burnout and feeling disillusioned with life.  When did everything get so busy? 

Light Lounge is designed  to be an oasis in the chaos of life. Not adding to the overwhelm and stress but to help you step out of it ,in tiny increments that get BIG results.  You see success in life is found in your daily habits... it's not magic! In Light Lounge you will learn to cultivate the habits that lead to more fulfilment in life that will feel like Magic! 

In addition to an amazing programme of change we will also invite top spiritual leaders to share their wisdom and light in the community each month - These Wayshowers of the LIGHT will give different perspectives, on ascension, DNA activations, working with the light, expanding your human experience into all it can be!!!   

Light Lounge will help you to move from dark to Light with ease. 

Light Lounge

 Lock in your special BETA Price for life of only

 $33 per month. Or $44 a month with Plus +1 

After Light Lounge officially launches the price will increase for

membership but you will have your price locked in for life- Yay!.

Plus +1

Know someone else in your house hold that could hugely benefit from

being a Light Lounge Member?

With the Plus +1 offer you can easily add a member of your family* for only another $11 a month, 

they will get community access & support in the FB group and 

you can go through the course together.
*members need to reside in the same household to qualify 

Light Lounge

  • Learn the daily habits that create BIG changes 
  • Understand the energy that causes Lack and Struggle
  • Reconnect the your intuition to become your guidance system
  • Learn to connect to the LIGHT and bring it into your life
  • Learn to manifest with greater ease, flow and joy
  • Receive energy clearings to raise your consciousness 

See you in there...