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Light Transmissions



Channelled by Joanna 

Light Transmissions 

A Higher Consciousness exists call it Light, God, Source,  Universe, Toa, Life force...​

it matters not... This force is without ego, it is eternal and it's who we all are at 

the centre of our beings - it radiates pure love and divine healing energy

A Light Transmission Sessions is... 

-A transmission from this higher energy just for you

- Deeply Healing & transformative 

- Contains 'soul codes' to unlock your potential 

-Sometimes Contain Light Language  
- Clears energy that no longer serves you​

-Works on all your bodies of energy 

How This Works...

- You purchase a session 

- Fill in the survey

- Joanna will pull 3 x 333Magic cards for you

- Then she will meditate on your name & date of birth

- Allow a channeled message from Skylar of higher consciousness to come through in answer to your questions.

- You will receive a 30min recorded session, allowing you to listen to the transmission again & again

-Pictures of your 3 cards drawn

After you purchase a session:

Please allow for up to 2-3 days working days to receive order 

Get Selfish- The Way Is Through

We are taught and conditioned from an early age that looking after yourself, putting yourself first is selfish.... 

I want to call BS on this notion.... It took collapsing of multiple organ failure (you can read more on this here)  to make me realise if we don't put ourselves first there is nothing left to give to ... anyone!

"Self Love is Not Selfish"

In my book Get Selfish - The way is through
I share 7 power steps, to deeply reconnect with yourself, as a result finally plugging your lack by reconnecting YOU with your Source within, so you become an unstoppable force for change in your life!

Your source connection begins & ends with you! 

Let's be Friends...

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