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The Quiz on this page will help to determine which stage you're in for your spiritual business and create a custom pathway for your... 

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The Track System

DPAP-A recognises there are 4 main stages to a online business this is also true for offline businesses. 

Each stage has unique challenges both for the business and the owner. Every stage has "mile stones" that when met will ensure the success of the business.  

However  many entrepreneurs end up overwhelmed because they are unaware of the business stage they are in and try and do everything all at once! Our Quiz will ensure you work smarter not harder by being aware of the most important parts of your business stage. 

Four Stages of Online Business 

Create & Activate

This stage is the set up, getting your ducks in a row and working out what tech is best for you. You will make some massive decisions at this stage that will set you up for the rest of your biz life. Don't be afraid to experiment. 

Optimise & Establish

This stage is about establishing your products, your clients, then optimising them till you have it down to a fine art, it's really like two stages in one- take your time in this stage as it will set up what follows. Million dollar businesses are built in this stage.  

Ramp up & Scale

This stage is about taking what you have refined and optimised and what is really working and scaling up - this where you build on your fans for life and your established, proved, tried and tested product suite to massively scale 

Expand & Impact

In this stage you take your proven business to new heights and create massive impact, become a house old name- examples of Expand and Impact personal brands are Deepak Chopra, Oprah, Louise L Hay 

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