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Step One: Register for our rewards programme - make some money!

Now that you have joined us, you can register for our Rewards Programme to help us reach as many people as possible!  Take our challenge and make your registration fee of $44 back by introducing 2 friends or more....


Step Two: Get your unique link 

Click below and register for the Rewards Programme.  All you need is a free Business PayPal account to register for the Rewards Programme. Once registered, you will create a unique link and you will receive an email from us for a special webpage that will show you ways to share your link and earn cash rewards. There is NO limit to how many people you can introduce!
We pay you $22 per successful sign up using your link.


Step Three: Start your abundance ball rolling...

Start your abundance ball rolling by sharing your unique link - we will show you ways to do this in our Facebook group and a special webpage which will have you completing your challenge in no time! 


Step Four: Join our exclusive Facebook group 'The HEAL Your Abundance Collective'

You will get the most out of the The HEAL Your Abundance experiment if you are surrounded by like-minded people who want you to succeed as much as you do, people who will cheer you on and support you on your journey. So please click the link below and join the group, and don't forget to introduce yourself once you are in there.

What is the  

Rewards Programme?   

Help us make this an amazing programme by sharing it with your friends, family or in your business.

We will pay you for every successful sign-up!



Share this experience with your community and we will pay you $22 for every successful sign-up. 


In our rewards programme you will also get a chance to win amazing prizes for sharing and earning money.  This is in addition to the $22 we pay for every successful sign-up. 


Start your abundance ball rolling before HEAL Your Abundance even begins!  At the very least make your money back with us.

What's in it for  your clients & friends who sign up? 

The HEAL Your Abundance Experiment

Your people get to be part of a HUGE mindset and intuition experiment and you get to be the one that introduced them. 

Learn From

A million dollar mindset and intuition expert Joanna Hunter who helped create 15 millionaires in her 2021 experiment. Backed by a team of amazing experts.

Global Community 

Your people will have access to an exciting, global Facebook mindset & intuition community just for participants to share their experiences. 

Exclusive H.E.A.L Workbook 

You and the people you introduce will get access to the exclusive HEAL workbook, that contains our H.E.A.L Framework.

What's in it for you? 

Cash reward

By sharing the link we pay you in real money! $22 for every successful sign-up. Business PayPal account required. We pay you 30 days after every successful sign-up that has used your unique link. 

HEAL Your Abundance is an opportunity to see if
ancient metaphysical knowledge can significantly shift your abundance! 

Now you are in, register for our FREE rewards programme

“The miracle is this: The more we share the more we have.”
— Leonard Nimoy

Frequently Asked Questions - Rewards Programme

Q. How much do you pay out in Rewards?

A. You will receive exactly 50% of the $44 registration fee which is $22 USD for every successful friend you refer that signs up . There is no limit to what you can earn. We would love for you to get your $44 registration fee back by introducing 2 people, but if you introduce 100 people we will gladly pay for each one that has used your link.

Q. Can I use my own reward link?

A. You personally cannot register using your own link. However, you can have family members register using your rewards link.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have registered for the rewards and not for the experiment, you will NOT receive rewards - you must be an active participant who registered for the experiment to gain rewards.

Also you will need a unique link in order to gain rewards which you will received once you have registered. We do not pay rewards out if you tell us your mate Suzi joined on your recommendation, they MUST use your unique link. 

Q. What happens if my friend signs up not using my link, but I recommended them?

A. You MUST make sure all your friends use YOUR LINK, otherwise we will be unable to pay out on that referral. This is non-negotiable and is part of our terms and conditions of our rewards programme. This rule makes it fair for everyone and allows us to keep admin to a minimum.

Q. Who is running this Rewards programme?

A. Joanna Hunter - student of metaphysical science completing her doctorate in metaphysical science. Joanna is a spiritual life and business coach, published author and the owner of Joanna Hunter Media LTD.  You can learn more about her here www.joannahunter.com.

Q. When do you pay the Rewards out?

A. The system is set to automatically pay you every 30 days from the date your friend purchased using your link. For example: someone signs up using your link on the 1st of May; the money would then be deposited into your PayPal account on the 30th of May. This is an automated system.

YOU must have a business PayPal - this not our rule but the UK governments to prevent money laundering or illegal cash being earned. 

Q. How long will my link be tracked for?

A. Your rewards link will have a 30 day cookie before it expires. We work off 'last cookie' which means if you were the last person to share your link with someone it will be your link that we pay out on.  

Q. Can I really make my money back?

A.  Yes! What's more, it's super simple!

  1. Register for our rewards programme
  2. Get just two friends to join you by sharing your special link
  3. We will pay you $22 for every person that joins using your link. 2 people = $44, you will have done it! 
  4. The more people you get to join, the more you can earn!

Q. What are your Rewards Terms and Conditions? 

A.  You can read our terms and conditions for rewards here: