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Heart + Soul 

What would it take to live your whole

life this way and return fully to... 




Our human obsession with separating everything and categorizing it all has created a division 

inside us where we have become separate from each other,

the planet and even Source energy.


The Truth is, We Are a Unified Field of Consciousness. 

However living at odds to our own unified field creates a  

'separation sickness' with these symptoms:-

  • Our lives not working, drama, hurt
    Lack, lack of abundance, time, love, wealth
  • Stress, depression and anxiety
  • Feeling disconnected from our planet
  •  Disease of the body, illnesses
  •  Confusion and lack of clarity

...yet we insist these are also seprate states of being and the division continues 


Heart + Soul

This is a 2 hour experiential workshop that explores the

Unified Field of Consciousness through science and belief. 


Heart + Soul

Join Spiritual mindset coach Joanna Hunter as we delve deep into explaining the science of the unified field of consciousness, how the unified field can be applied to your life with game changing results.

In the workshop you will experience: 

  • Powerful meditations
  • Soul Truths of vibration and frequency 
  • Super cool experiments of mind over matter
  • Essence of the unified field of consciousness
    Experiential experiences that will change how you see the world

All this for just $25 USD, plus lifetime access to the replay & meditation.


Heart + Soul

Saturday 25th April 11am UK, 6am EST, 8pm Gold Coast  

Replay- after the event to all who sign up 



You will be emailed before and on the day of the workshop

with the links to attend.