Want to Create your Dream life? A Life that Works on Every Level!

Let me show you the way...

Have YOU ever thought, "there has got to be more to life?" Yet it goes like an unanswered call of your soul. . .

You see other people living these amazing lives, and you wonder how they do it? They seem to have ease, joy and flow happening! You are so frustrated and tired of trying so hard, for so long. 

You are scared this just might be your 'lot in life'!

Yet that call of your soul, "there has got to be more to life," whispers its silent song... So you read a ton more self-help books, because you know you were meant for more, this just further adds to your frustration!  

You yearn for inner peace, confidence, that zen like armour that gives you the ability to take life in its stride... You want a life that works on every level and to have that mystery energy that makes people light up from the inside out! Inner Happiness!

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It's time to answer the call of your soul and fill your vessel up fully!

There is only one cure, one solution...

That mystery thing you are seeking is the one thing, you have always wanted, that one thing that will help you live a larger life & disconnect from lack in your life. . . Is your own permission to do the one thing you have always thought of as selfish

Put yourself first & fill your own vessel. . .

Get Selfish - The Journey is a journey that will transform every area of your life from the small stuff to the big stuff

Have you ever wondered? Who you could be if nothing stood in your way? What could you achieve? What message do you long to bring to the world? What greatness lays inside you yet to be discovered?

 You Know you were meant for more, It’s time to GET SELFISH!

  1.  Say goodbye to lack: In these six weeks I will show you how to disconnect from the Lack Cycle at a source level & recognise when you're connected to lack.
  2. Hello abundance: You will learn how to connect with abundance at source and allow its flow into your life. You will also learn what blocks happiness and abundance from flowing to you, so you can avoid it & correct it. 
  3.  You will feel: More in tune with your life and yourself, be happier and more positive. You will be more connected to abundance than ever before, finally feel in control of every area of your life and have the power to change it at will. 

Every area of your life will transform in this 6 week programme...

The Self

SELF esteem, SELF worth, SELF confidence, SELF love- Getting selfish fills YOU! Self confidence and self love are the core of a happy life. It's the magic ingredient that makes you feel and look radiant from the inside out. I will teach you how to create that strong inner self.    

Your Relationship Self

Discovery the keys to richer more rewarding relationships, heal relationships that cause you pain, release old patterns and blocks that prevent you from receiving the love you deserve and want or even accepting it in.  

Your Abundant Self

Learn how and what blocks abundance from flowing to you. How to connect and tap into  the source of your own abundance, create abundance in every area of your life! Create a flow in your life that brings an abundance of happiness, wealth and joy.  

Career and Purpose Self

What would unlimited success mean for you? What would a purpose driven life look like? To get up each day with purpose, passions and drive for work is totally possible, more than possible and I will show you how. 

Body, Mind & Soul Self

When this trinity is working in harmony your life starts to work in harmony. Understanding the sacred relationship between your body, mind and soul unlocks all your hidden potential and creates a freedom in your life like never before. 

6 Weeks of Sheer Transformation... 


I am ready to end the lack cycle and reconnect to my own source of abundance. I am so ready to up level my life like never before and connect to my inner happiness. I am ready to fill my vessel up, I am ready to Get Selfish! 

I want to take THE JOURNEY!

This Course Is For You If Want To:

  • GET- Unstoppable 
  • GET- Out of your own way & remove your blocks
  • GET- Clarity on your Soul & Life Purpose 
  • GET - The happiness you crave
  • GET- The life you dream of
  • GET- The tools to remove Lack forever
  • GET -Reconnected to the Source of all things- Your             SOUL

This Course Is Not For You IF:

  • You don't want anything in your life to change 
  • You are not prepared to take any action
  • You enjoy blaming others for your lot in life
  • You're not interested in transforming your life
  • You're outstandingly happy & you want for nothing!

Client Focus...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I have attracted abundance in all areas of my life...”

“I would highly recommend Joanna Hunter to anyone who is looking for inspiration, direction and is ready to stand up and live a life they love! Since working with her I have attracted abundance in all areas of my life.

Have the amazing Joanna show you the secret of life and you will never be the same again. Stand up and live the life you imagine!"

Debbie Rowan
- Make up artist & Mrs British Empire 2015

“Get Selfish- The Journey is life changing. ...”

"Get Selfish- The Journey is life changing. By the second week of the course I had the inspiration, motivation and confidence to make major changes to my life. Both work and personal. Joanna makes it so simple to follow but at the same time it really does work. She is a truly amazing and inspirational lady."

Lynne Bruce
- Scotland 
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“New approach to life and how to deal with everyday situations...”

"I found it fascinating to discover a new approach to life and how to deal with everyday situations for the better. It's changed my way of thinking and made me a much happier and positive person."

Caroline Truslove
- Musician and Music Teacher
Joanna Hunter
Creator of Get Selfish- The Journey

My Passion Is To Help You...

I am passionate about teaching people to end the lack cycle and reconnect with their true selves, the expansive SOUL. I truly believe this is my Soul's calling, but first I had to graduate... that meant years of feeling, not good enough, stress- sooo much stress, and experiencing lack in every area of my life. It was all to get me to the point where I said;

"There's got to be more to life!" 

This was the point where my energy opened to receiving the answers I had so desperately been seeking. When the answers came, they poured in! Lack is not a random event, it's a mindset, one you can change. Once I gained the knowledge to change it, change it I did! Now I help hundreds of people to gain the knowledge to CHANGE THEIR LIVES!!!  

What's Included...

  • Welcome Pack...​                                                                                                                                                      ... You receive my welcome pack, on how best to prepare for taking the Journey - I give you the guidance you need, so you feel fully supported as you begin to make the shift in your mindset.  
  • 6 Weekly Modules...
    ...You'll get 6 modules of sheer transformational power, in the form of weekly videos and assignments to help you disconnect from lack, plug into the source of abundance, and create your dream life. 
  • My Transformational Tool Box...                                                                                                                ...You'll get my life transforming 'tool box,' jam packed with all of the tools I use to personally banish lack and connect to the source of my abundance. These tools will be all you every need to change every area of your life. What's more you can use these for a life-time.
  • A supportive group...
    ...You get exclusive access to my private Facebook group for fellow travellers on The Journey.  Here you can share your ah-ha's, insights and transformations, in a beautiful, supportive, safe environment away from judgement and fear.
  • You'll receive a host of bonuses...
    ...You'll receive a host of bonuses which includes, A printable alignment chart, Angels and guides meditation and exclusive Get Selfish - recordings.   


I am so confident that, by taking this course, you'll get the results you dream of, that I will happily give you a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee - no questions asked. All I require is that you return 4 weeks completed worksheets to me. This is because I know wholeheartedly that if you do the work, you will see a positive transformation in your life - that's why I can give this money back promise so you can buy with confidence. 

What will your Testimonial say?

“What do you long to change in your life? ...”

“If you could have anything in life and nothing held you back... after that transformation what would you write? Would you want to scream it from the roof tops? And most importantly what would your gorgeous life look like? ”

A changed you
- Job Title or Role
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

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When does the course start?

What if I miss a week?

Will it help my business too?

How does the online group work?

Is it all Online?  

P.S. You might think you should wait... That's your choice, but people wait for Friday, they wait all year for Summer and they wait a lifetime for Happiness! That breaks my heart, because life is happening RIGHT now!

THE TIME IS NOW! Standing between you, your happiness and the life of your dreams is the knowledge on how to end the lack cycle and plug into the source of abundance- that's it!  That's how you fill your vessel... 

So if you are done waiting for life to get better and you're ready to do something about getting a life you LOVE ... then take The Journey with me...

Yes I want to take THE JOURNEY- My time is NOW!