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 Love Energy Series. . . 

Law of Attraction MasterClass

This masterclass give you my 5 step method for manifesting anything you want- I have personally used this to successfully manifest cars, houses, money, opportunity and even tickets to see the Dali Lama- sold out tickets I may add ... let me tell you seeing him in person he was fabulous! 

$49  $29-

7 Day Energy Reset MasterClass

When you up level in life, you are moving your energy with purpose but if you don't clear the old energy out it can keep you stuck and repeating patterns. This Energy Reset is all about helping you to reset the charka points  and clearing old beliefs and energies out, so you can fully embrace your new levels 

This will become a go to tool you'll visit again and again!


 Money Mojo MasterClass

This is the third in the LOVE ENERGY Series which are all on- Energy & Mindset This masterclass will feature your money mindset game changing info on how to shift out of lack into abundance.

$37 Intro offer! 

Get Selfish - The Journey 

Your current life are a reflection of your current mindset- This means the life you currently live, is created by the way you think! If you your life is a very happy one that all very well and danny but if it's not let me show you a new way to think that will open up life for you in a way you never dream was possible before... 

"Joanna Hunter- Inspirational, Intuitive, Visionary..."

Get Selfish - The way is through 

A burn out took me to the brink of death and what followed was an spiritual and mental awakening - every fibre of me was stripe away.... I was raw, vulnerable - little did I know my life purpose and path would be forge from this place- as I learnt the art of extreme self care to help myself heal, rebuild and become the woman I am today. Everything you have ever wanted is possible the way is through! 

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