End the lack cycle & reclaim your life!

What is Get Selfish?

Over the course of many years I have been on a journey of learning how to create happiness & abundence in my life. Like many of you I wanted to be happy, I tried to be happy, I worked at being happy, but it didn’t always work out – why?

At first I thought it was a lack of something: a lack of friends, of money, of fulfilment, of direction or even a lack of ‘Ikea’ furniture in my life. So I shopped, I filled my life with what the magazines told me I needed. I worked my socks off because more money was the solution, right? But nothing filled the void…and I didn’t know why.

So there I was spreading myself so thin the cracks were starting to appear. My debt was sky high, my house jammed pack full of stuff that was going to be SO useful one day. I had a ton of plans that where going to all happen as if by magic, right after I was perfect--- you know, like thinner, leaner, prettier, younger, smarter, happier, taller... I was miserable, but I had one thought that ran on a loop in my head: ‘there’s got to be more to life.’

‘There’s got to be more to life!’ I kept saying it to myself and to the universe in general, until one day the universe began answering back.

Get Selfish was the universe's answer to me. Now I am passing on those answers to you. With the hope that they will illuminate your path as the answers did mine. There is sooooo much more to life! 

GET- The Book. GET- The Journal. GET- The Life, You Dream Off! 

End the lack cycle for good and reclaim your abundance!

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