Find YourTarot Archetype 

with  The High Priestesses

Joanna Hunter & Tonya Gonzalez

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Find YourTarot Archetype Masterclass

With Joanna & Tonya 

What you will learn:

  • Find your personal Tarot Archetype 
  • Discover your Archetype's gifts and challenges 
  • Enjoy a meditation to prepare you for meeting your Archetype
  • Learn from Tonya's & Joanna's 60+ Years Tarot experience
  • Discover your Tarot Guides for the next stage of your journey 

Meet Your Hostesses: The High Priestesses


High Priestess of the LightWeb- Joanna Hunter

Spiritual Life and Business coach Joanna has had a love affair with the Tarot that has spanned over 3 decades. As a business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs Tarot is one of Joanna's favourite business tools

"Tarot is a beautiful connection with the divine anyone can learn."


Tarot  High Priestess- Tonya  Gonzalez

Tarot Life Coaching Tonya, has dedicated years of sacred service to helping others to navigate life with the aid of Tarot. Tonya's love of Tarot has also spanned over 30 years,  she was also voted no3 top psychic in the world.    

"Tarot won't give you the answer but they will guide you to your own inner wisdom and the answers within."

Special Thanks to Chris Anne for allowing us to to use her Light Seers Deck as our featured deck

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