Empaths Gather Close 

Let us help you dance with your empathic abilities and modern life...

Being an Empath in this Modern World is no Joke... 

  • You constantly feel the jostle of other people's emotions - it's so jarring 
  • You swing on the pendulum of emotions not even your own- it feels traumatising! 
  • You sometimes feel drained by all the vibes, it can feel too much to handle! 

These are all signs of an empath in dire need of training!

I got you! 

Your Conduit of  theDivine is Wide Open  

As an empath, your conduit to the divine is wide open and often has no filter - No wonder you can feel like a used capri-sun juice pouch on a daily basis!

My empathic gifts have been with me with since the day I was born, full on, volume turned up high, and I wondered on many occasions if I was going crazy - it wasn't till I learnt to control my gifts, in my teen years, that things finally started to make sense.   

For many years I have worked as a professional medium and intuitive, I have helped tonnes of people dance with their spiritual gifts, in harmony with their lives and businesses. 

Empath Training 

Learning to shield is the first step to reclaiming your life as an empath, creating a filter between your emotions and the signals from others. Once we can master tuning out the 'noise' of other people's emotions, the fun begins, because now we can use our gift with more intention and purpose as the super-sized, intuitive tool that it is. 

7 Days of powerful audios with practices and tips on how to Shield & Master your empathic energy with lifetime access, for the introductory price of just $27-