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I am on a Mission....


Hey there let me introduce myself

I am Joanna Hunter Spiritual Life and Business coach, medium and channel to collective consciousness called Skylar. I have been in businesses for over 20 years and self employed for just as long! 

I have built 5 x 6 figure a year businesses and mentored even more people to reach that goal and beyond! 

..... There is far too many spiritual entrepreneurs working way too hard, for way too little! 

Seriously- it's painful to watch, as these are the very people who have been called to help humanity - shouldn't it be easy for them? Yet they are slogging their guts out, day in, day out trying to make it work - when in fact there is sooooo much need out in the world right now- it's insane! 

If this resonates with you - hang tight because my mission just became about YOU!

I created this quiz to help you figure out what's important at your stage of business, so that you can make it easier on yourself and not worry about what the "gurus" have to say, instead focus on what will really build your Spiritual Business at your current stage. 

Sound great? Take the Quiz let me support you!