Stop Spinning Your Wheels & End Your Frustration! 

-Say no to the feast & famine cycle and step up in your Spiritual Business like never before!

I know you have a zone of genius. Chances are, if you landed on this page, you spend less time in that zone and more time figuring out this business thing! 

  • You want to create consistent income in your business & quit the feast'n'famine cycle!
  • You want to spend your time in business doing what you love and what lights you up! Instead of all the boring stuff!
  • You long to make the impact your Soul came here to make with Ease, Joy & Flow! Why shouldn't that be financially rewarding too?

Divine Planning - Abundant Profits is a system for creating massive momentum in your business, to help you connect your talents and gifts with more people than ever before! It's tried and tested, and it works with virtually any business as it is a framework that allows you to create consistent scalable results! 

I am passionate about bringing this to as many Spiritual Entrepreneurs as possible! WHY? Because, as a spiritual entrepreneur, YOU are already called to help humanity - Empowering you to do that better creates a better world.  Divine Planning - Abundant Profits is so effective because it's based on the 4 pillars of online business - Having only one of these 4 pillars missing can create problems like - the feast & famine cycle or inconsistent results or difficulty filling programmes and finding new clients....

So what are the 4 pillars....

Publish Online- On Social media-Consistent publishing with the right message & content connects your business to its ideal audience! 

Build your Email list-  this way YOU own your best business asset as you're only a guest on social media! From here we convert!

Build Relationships- People are the life blood of your business so building the right connections - will help you thrive!

Build Authority- Building authority makes you the go-to person in your niche - it makes you the expert in your field!

These FOUR Pillars are essential to a successful online business- So it made sense to create a programme that not only supports these but enhances them, creating a simple system that makes the most out of the four pillars and that also encourages massive growth & momentum in your business.

That system is Divine Planning - Abundant Profits.... 4 Plans that support the 4 pillars, removes overwhelm in your business, converts leads into clients and helps you make consistent results again & again- Thats how you break the feast and famine cycle!   

Are You Ready To Go From 'Meh' to Profit in 4 Weeks?

So if the four pillars are the strong foundation for a solid online business- what steps are needed to get consistent results week after week, month after month, year after year? What does Divine Planning-Abundant Profits Actually Offer?

Week One

A business can't hit a target it can't see - so the first aim is to create a Financial Goal - but it needs to go beyond that, so it's not just pie in the sky numbers - The products you sell need to have the capability to hit the goal with ease, and be scalable. In Week One I show you all this & much, much more in the Financial plan!

Week Two

Once the financial goal is in place and you have the right products to hit that goal, you need  a system designed to drive massive traffic to that goal - A system that not only works but is simple and can be automated and will even help generate new products with not much extra work! Meet my Content Plan in Week Two! you will love this genius system for building momentum and traffic! 

Week Three

Traffic is actually real live people, not understanding how you can turn online visitors into buyers can be the difference between making not enough in your business to living every day in financial ease, joy and flow - Week Three will cover the People Plan! Making the connections that lead to sales and how to build the right relationships that build your business and helps create raving fans!

Week Four

In Week Four we cover the MINDSET Plan- your capacity to receive is set at what you are currently receiving (or lack thereof). The best formulas and frameworks in the world won't work for you until you become willing to upgrade your mindset and expand your capacity to receive! I got you covered in Week Four were I show simple techniques for upgrading your mindset to receive even more! 

This Is The System In Essence. . .

This is the System of Divine Planning -Abundant Profits in essence - However, for any good system to be effective it requires Implementation - Divine Planning- Abundant Profits Now comes with 4 BRAND NEW weeks- designed for just that - to help YOU become an implementation Rock Star!   

  • Week One: We dig deeper into the Financial Plan, I will show a bunch of different 'models',  everything from how to create 5k-10K months to even a business model for half a million a year,  because I believe when you can see how something is done you will go there in reality.
  • Week Two: This week we focus on how to create an impact on social media, you can enjoy mini courses such as 'How to Social', a step by step guide to creating social media posts and 'How to Batch Content', for smarter ways of doing things. 
  • Week Three: This week, you learn the practical steps to implement the people plan, like my mini class on Facebook Groups 101 and  Sale & Pricing Masterclass
  • magic
    Week Four:  Mindset is a vital part of Divine Planning- Abundant Profits. This week you will have access to my 7 Day Business Bootcamp and My Permission Granted: Show & Serve as well as some very powerful mindset videos to help you shift your mindset for success! 

By helping you to take action quickly, you will get results more quickly and start to see momentum!

One simple system to create massive growth in your business

Each of the 4 plans feeds into each other, building a framework that removes overwhelm, drives traffic and creates a tailor-made strategy for momentum and success in your business! 

The 4 Implementation weeks ensures your success and that your never stuck for how to do the step's required for success! 

Let Me IntroduceMyself. . . 

I am Joanna Hunter - Spiritual life and business coach. I have been an entrepreneur for over 19 years and I have coached and mentored 1000's of people in that time!  

I started in marketing at 17 and at the age of 23 I owned my first brick & mortar business. By Age 26 I had built 4 x six figure businesses from scratch... I have always been spirit led in my career and been on the cutting edge of business innovation like pioneering text message marketing way back in the year 2000. Finding new and exciting ways to reach clients and making connections is my jam!  

My Passion in life is helping spiritual entrepreneurs get their life changing messages out into the world and succeed in their business! Because I have this crazy notion together we will change the world!

Joanna Hunter

Sharing The Love....

I love sharing this programme as it transforms the businesses it touches- it gives your business a structure to take it to success and creates amazing results that can be duplicated again and again! 


I loved this course soooooooooo much, it helped give me clarity and confidence and it has literally breathed life into my business! 


DPAP is a phenominal programme balanced with an abundance of detailed, yet super easy to use.


Joanna makes herself very available to help, talk and guide at all moments during the course, which is wonderful!

This is For You if .....

  • You are so ready for your success....
    You are sooooo ready for your success - you want to create greater ease and alignment to do the work that truly lights you up and make the impact you came here to make!
  • You want to work smarter, not harder....
    You want to learn new ways of working that maximise your time and bring abundant profits with less effort than before! You are ready to work smarter not harder.  
  • You want greater Ease, Joy and Flow in your business....
    You want to stop things being hard, your energy feeling low like your throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping that some of it will stick - you are ready for Ease, Joy & Flow with a kick ass strategy! 

Sharing The Love....


DPAP by Joanna Hunter energised me to make informed changes to my business.The weekly coaching sessions were of extreme value. 


The course gave me a model for how my business could work. The model helped me release the constant pressure of figuring out "how" to offer my content, and gave me energy to focus on "what" I would offer and "why" I offer what I do.


Before taking this course, I did not have a clear plan for my business. I felt overwhelmed, tapped out, drained and used. Now I feel I have direction with a clear cut strategy on what I need to do on a daily basis. I feel refreshed, re-energised with a direct sense of purpose.

What's All Included? 

I don't believe in wasting your time so this course could be easily be 12 weeks long - However I have removed the fluff, the fillers, the non- essential giving it to you straight up so it's 4  intensive weeks Called CORE:

  • Week One Financial Plan
  • Week Two Content Plan 
  • Week Three People Plan
  • Week Four Mindset Plan

Then we have 4 weeks of implementation that have masterclasses and dip in, dip out content where you take just what you need like; 

  • The Sales and Pricing masterclass or 
  • My Facebook Groups101 Masterclass, this classes are designed to give you the info with out the fluff or
  • My How to social masterclass that will have you the belle of the social media ball - fast! 
  • & Much more + full support in the Fb community. 

These implementation weeks ensure your time is not wasted and you only learn what you need. 

-Eight Weeks Training Includes-

4 x Weekly Workbooks

Videos- Each Week of Core

Lifetime Access To The Course


Swipe Files

Done For You Worksheets

Free Course Upgrades For Life

Simple Effective System For Growing Your Business

A Facebook MASTERMIND Community for Support

4 Weeks of Additional Implementation - Covering How Too's,  Insider Tips and masterclasses 

VIP Includes All Of The Above Plus -

3 x 1:1 60min Coaching Sessions with Joanna Hunter 

Digital: Divine Planning- Abundant Profits Year Journal for 2018

What My Gorgeous Students Have to Say. . . 

-Sara Walka - Of Sisters Enchanted-

Sara completely turned her business on its head, creating a business she now loves, and is excited to work in. Sara grew her list and community, making sales and best of all she stopped feeling lost in her business - she wakes up every day with a clear plan that gets results!
Sara has now grown her business to a six figure business since joining in May 2016!!!

-Annika Souma Frey- of Light Maiden (formerly happy place living) -

Annika tripled her email list, created massive growth in her business even before the course was finished!  Just 11 days in she had recouped her investment in the course by applying the information! Way to rock it! By the time the course was finished she had a clear plan for her next steps! 
Annika has deepened into her role as a spiritual leader and even facilitated retreats!

- Carol Lee of Natural Food School -

Carol loved how practical the course is and how easy it was to apply the information to work smarter not harder. Carol really recommends this course and felt it was great value and will refer back to it again and again. 

Early Bird Price! 

If you are ready to take the next significant step in your business- I am ready to share this life changing system with you! 4 Weeks, 4 Implementation Weeks, 4 Plans and a lifetime of access! 

4 Core Weeks, 4 Implementation, 4 Plans,  $997


 VIP all of the above + 4x 1:1 Calls  $1997

- Payment options available -

Divine Planning-Abundant Profit Students...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I am so glad I was part of this programme”

DPAP is a phenominal programme balanced with an abundance of detailed, yet super easy to use, templates, checklists, planning tools to efficiently manage starting up/launching/growing one’s business service/programs, videos delivered right to my email each week, unlimited Mastermind Group support (with access to Joanna, too!), weekly Q&A calls.

 Joanna Hunter is an exquisitely rare gem and an exceptional Business Coach; extremely intelligent and intuitive, she unselfishly shares her knowledge and wisdom of the Universe and incomparable business savvy.

Shannon Gorton - Celtic Grotto 

“This was an eye opening course... especially the financial plan”

It was helpful to work with others who were starting their own businesses under the guidance of Joanna, to see the similar and different successes and struggles we were all encountering as we moved through the four pillars.

Joanna makes herself very available to help, talk and guide at all moments during the course, which is wonderful! I loved the entire course and has given me so much value especially in the mindset.

Renee De Villeneuve - Wayfairer 
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I know you might already own a tonne of courses....

I know because I am you, I have been there - So what makes this so not the next 'shiny object' to grab your attention! Because let's face it there's been a few - I am right?! Well this is the exact system I have used to break the feast and famine cycle in my own business, to create consistent results month after month!  and make the impact I once only dreamed off! 

Not only that, my clients are doing the same using this system- I know this course is easier to implement than most (and I have taken many) because, I meet you where you are at, instead of getting you to stretch so far it becomes impossible to keep up or even afford all the extra tools that other courses may have sprung on you, only after you have bought them! By meeting you where you are at, it becomes simple to help you get where you need to go! 

Simple = Ease, Joy & Flow

Time and time again my students tell me what I teach is so simple, effective and easy to implement for them - that's because I designed it that way! I designed the course I wish had been for sale when I was figuring it all out... Instead I bought every course going, some for 1000's of dollars, and really didn't see much of a rate of return on a lot of those. This course is focused on bringing you profit,  by teaching you to avoid the work that makes you 'busy being busy', instead we focus on the work that lights you up, helps you to stay in your zone of genius and makes you money! This simple system is designed to keep you in alignment to profit, abundance and ease!  

- Mariska Anderson  -

If you get the opportunity to work with Joanna Hunter take it, grab it with both hands! She has a way of explaining things that just makes it so simple - yet achievable! That's the Secret, because you believe you can do it and you will. She helps you remove that doubt! I feel like I have a plan now that I can go into the finest detail with or expand it right out to an entire year of content, from programmes, offers and courses - it's amazing!  

- Suzie Cheel  -

DPAP has given my business the practical tools I need to turn my ideal 6 figure business into a reality. Joanna provides a simple but powerful system, in straightforward, plain English prefect for my intuitive nature.

If you are ready to take the next significant step in your business- I am ready to share this life changing system with you! 4 Weeks, 4 Plans and a lifetime of access! 

4 Weeks, 4 Plans,  $997


 VIP all of the above + 3x 1:1 Calls  $1997

- Payment Options Available -

(Regular price is $1197 or $2197 for vip) 

Instant Access 

-Frequently Asked Questions-

When does the course start?

 I have been in business for a while, will I find this too basic?

How fast will I see results in my business?

Can I do this course even if I am just starting in business?

This all sounds amazing but how much time will it all take each week?

Tell me about the live round?

I believe in upfront honesty.... Courses, coaching or learning of any kind only works if you are willing to put in the work, they require action, otherwise it's just pretty words and unmet potential... I fully believe in my work, I know it's my calling to help spiritual entrepreneurs - My students get amazing results but only when they are willing to apply what they learn - So please think carefully if you are ready to do 'the work' before enrolling in any course, not just mine!

Yes, I am Ready to Join Divine Planning- Abundant Profits