August 2

Divine Planning Abundant Profit Student Focus


Interview With Sara Walka

I am so excited to introduce you to Sara Walka of the Sisters Enchanted - Sara's story is inspirational. Not only did Sara build her business from scratch, a year ago when she started Divine Planning- Abundant Profits, but she was pregnant with her second child and little Adam was born just 2 months ago... It's that old adage;

"A year from now you will have wished you started today!" 

However Sara did start a year ago and has never looked back her story and unfoldment of her soul aligned business is an inspiration... 

If you want to learn more about Divine Planning - Abundant Profits click the link below .... 

Sara is not alone in her awesome achievements we have many students from all different walks of life, businesses, and levels using my system to create their dream lives! 

For more info on Sister Enchanted click here ​

 Love and Divine Planning Blessings, 

 Joanna Xxx​

***UPDATE*** In Aug 2017 Sara Hit her first $10K dollar launch and her first $10K month - way to go Sara! only 15th into her only journey! 


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