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Learn to read your spiritual resume in the Akashic Records. Never doubt you're spiritual abilities again, you have been doing this work in many life times - $10

Heal your Money at a quantum level with this highly actionable 3 day Masterclass - be prepared for massive shifts...Greater Money Magic Manifestations! - $33


Over 150 students have enrolled in this amazing course to learn to Make, Design & Sell Oracle Cards.  The complete solution to creating your own deck - $49 


In late 2016 'Skylar,' Joanna's spirit team, downloaded to her 13 spiritual insights for empowered living, to help you live your best life. These Insights are profound and life changing -self study journaling course - $249


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Want to create 10K months in your business? This Masterclass with a recoding of a a live training and work work will show you how -$27


Become a Certified 333Magic Reader, learn to expertly use this powerful deck to do energy readings and help people correct universal flow in their lives - $111


Learn tarot is this simple and easy course which helps you develop your intuition and create your now tarot readings - $137


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BIG love for Design & Make Oracle cards 

Read Your Spiritual Resume in the Akashic Records


Get Selfish- The Way Is Through

We are taught and conditioned from an early age that looking after yourself, putting yourself first is selfish....
I want to call BS on this notion.... It took collapsing of multiple organ failure to make me realise, if we don't put ourselves first then there is nothing left to give to ... anyone!

"Self Love is Not Selfish"

In my book Get Selfish - The way is through
I share 7 powerful steps to deeply reconnect you with yourself, resulting in you finally plugging the lack cycle by reconnecting YOU with your Source within, so you become an unstoppable force for change in your life!

Your source connection begins & ends with you! 


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