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The Currency Of The Universe is

Not Money, It's Energy

-Get your energy aligned & you can 'buy' anything!!!

Let's take you from 'meh' to Wow!!!

Are You Ready To Create Serious

Business Magic?

  • You are a woo woo loving, law of attraction using, soul-centred entrepreneur.
  • You are craving to be the Leader that you have been born to be, to fully step into that juicy, divine mission that you have burning deep in your soul. 
  • You are so ready to monetise the sparkles out of it and make massive Impact!  

You NEED a Business & Life Coach that doesn't just understand Woo Woo and Spiritual Business, but one that actually has experience building successful businesses without selling her Soul or compromising her integrity. 

-That's Me!

We live on a planet of 7.6 billion people and there is only ONE you... That is soooo freaking special!  Words escape me.  That's why the world needs your brand of magic whatever it may be... 

This is my passion and purpose, to awaken you to the epic-ness of your purpose and help you step fully into a soul aligned life & business that creates a wake of magic in its path...

I don't do cookie cutter coaching - I do bespoke VIP coaching, because someone as special as you deserves a 'Soultion' that honours your uniqueness. 

 Helping YOU to make the difference AND the money you desire! 

Praise From My Clients ...

I had the creativity, ideas, experience and knowledge, but I didn't have the mindset.  I also didn't realise how much I was blocking myself from stepping up and becoming visible. Joanna helped me to see this and she gave me techniques to help me step into a more positive mindset and get aligned with my work. Joanna offers the whole packages; practical tips, mindset techniques and all with her own brand of humour, kindness, sparkle and woo woo magic.

I would thoroughly recommend her. 

Carol Lee - Carol Lee Natural Food School


I would HIGHLY recommend Joanna to others. She is an amazing mentor, life and business coach. I have way more confidence, I am kinder and more loving to myself and have more excitement about my business as a result of working with her.

I am so excited about the future of my business! 

Evelina Hovich  - Evelinahovich.com

 It was so important for me to work with someone experienced in running successful spiritual businesses and that is Joanna!  I am so grateful.  I have already recommended Joanna at least 2-3 times as a coach.

Plus the Divine Planning Abundant Profits (DPAP) program gave me incredible confidence!  It changed everything about the idea of "working" in my business.  It completely eliminated any concern about how to organise my time and what to focus on day to day in my business.

Wendy C Williams MS, EFT-Adv of wendycwilliams.com

You are here because you are ready to create the success & the business magic YOU want!

My Coaching Packages... 

1 Month Intensive

1 Month intensive - for action takers 

  • 4 x  60min sessions 
  • 1 Month Email access 
  • Coaching Resources
  • BONUS: Access to LOVE ENERGY courses 

$2,222 USD

Payment Plan Available

Divine Student

Let me guide you through my signature programme to Divine Planning - Abundant profits

  • Lifetime access  to Divine Planning- Abundant Profits Academy online course
  • 4 x 60min 1:1 Session
  • 3 months Email access
  • 12 x Group calls  minimum  
  • DPAP- Planner sent to you
  • Passport to success sent to you

$4,444 USD

Payment Plan Available


This is a high end VIP experience.

How this works...

Before; the VIP day with a 90min online deep dive session - so we make the best use of our full day together. 

We follow this One day VIP intensive day coaching with gourmet lunch.

In person energy healing session & LightWeb™ activation.

After: the VIP day you will receive full bespoke action stratagey plan PDF from the day- Plus a 60min follow up call & invite to my mentorship club if you wish to have follow on sessions.  

What's Included....

  • 90min Deep Dive 1:1 session
  • 6 Hours VIP Day coaching 
  • Gourment lunch
  • Energy healing session
  • LightWeb™ activation
  • Full PDF report from day
  • 60min 1:1 Follow up call
  • Exclusive invite to my Mentorship Club
  • BONUS: Joanna 'Swag' 

Only question is where in the world to meet me?

Some stuff you

should Know...

I am not your average Spiritual Life and Business coach-

 When we work together I come with some serious skillzzzzz...

  • I  have 20 Years actual entrepreneur experiance, running my own 6 figure and multiple six figure businesses, I have successfully mentored other people in business for 19years (- I know, don't I look too young LOL)    
  • I am a life long medium, that means I am super intuitive & psychic AF, I channel my spirit team 'Skylar' all the time , they drop some epic genius bombs for my clients straight from Source.  
  • I see energy round everything. Not only that, I can see where it's blocked or in reality locked and what the fastest route is to unlocking you to your greatness.
  • I have been teaching the Law of Attraction for 13 years, coupled with my ability to see energy and visualize the path of least resistance this an incredible combo. 
  • I have been a spiritual teacher since my early 20's. I am a healer and have the ability to heal with the spoken word - My words are literally magic!  
  • I am the worlds first teacher of LightWeb™ Soul Based Technology - This stuff will change your life!!! 

Ready to supercharge your magic?

More Client Love....

Harriette Hale 

Europes Leading Money Mindset Coach, High Priestess of Light & Author 

Aside from Joanna helping me to pull in over 100k in less than five months, platforming me as a global expert,  completed a world tour, I have had several successful online course launches, sold out masterminds, and more clients than I could dare to dream, Joanna has also helped me to grow and expand my other businesses to a point where I simply receive a very healthy salary for doing sweet FA.

Joanna has helped me develop a healthier relationship with myself, my boundaries, and subsequently other people in my life, and if that's not enough she's walked alongside me as I initiated as a Priestess of Light.

Joanna  has shown me time and time and time again that I am enough,  I am capable, the world is my oyster, and the answers to all I desire are already within me. I thought I was spiritual before I met Joanna, but she has shown me the true meaning of Abundance; the convergence of spiritual and material wealth. Having both... well that's pretty freaking life changing. Would I recommend Joanna? Only if I can continue to time hog her because she genuinely makes you feel like you're the only person she's coaching. The care and time and energy she invests is truly life changing. I'd be lost without her.

Heather Teysko 

Head honcho at the worlds largest indie Tudor podcast! Author & Passionista Coach 

I would definitely recommend Joanna to anyone who wants to mix practical business skills with the spiritual aspect to keep their energy high, and work with the law of attraction to manifest their goals.

She's an awesome mix of woo woo with practical, and that's really rare!

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