Join me on 22.2.22 for the 222 Portal Activation

The Invite...

Duality is a construct of the 3rd dimensional world we inhabit. Inside duality we experience Light & Shadow, hot and cold, inner energies and outer energies- it's a world of opposites, of deep contrast that defines the human experience...but we are so much more than human... 

a portal to transcend duality becomes available to the people of Earth.

This Accession portal will allow us to transcend  the consciousness of duality of the Light and Shadow realm into a realm of higher 5th dimensional consciousness and to activate 5th dimensional gifts of

deeper spiritual sensitivity allowing us to channel more LIGHT. 

This 2 Hour Masterclass starts right now with a gateway of trust:
We are offering a Pay what you want situation,
Are you able to:

  • Transcend your own duality and fears to choose an amount your heart tells you? 
  • Be part of this, pay what you want & not second guess yourself?
  • Become the observer of your inner dialogue, as you select an energy exchange? 
  • Are you able to hold the energy and stand by the amount you choose?
  •  Are you able join us, out the ego chiming in?

Pay what you want as long as there is an energetic exchange, we will not accept zero amount
as it is not in the spirit of this container.