I like Big Books, I Cannot lie...

Here's my list of all time favourite book's, for life, business and rainy days!

  Law of Attraction Books...

My own book, become a powerful unstoppable force for good in your own life! Warning this book may change your life! Click book to buy on amazon

The book that started my Law of Attraction Journey! Great simple start to the Law of  Attraction- This book changed my life! click book to buy on amazon

A deeper look into the world of Law of attraction- by a great teacher Barbel Mohr, I love this book! click book to buy on amazon

The book that finally convinced my brother the LOA was real and I had not lost the plot always good! Great read and interactive! click book to buy on amazon

 Mindset Books...

Great Book on changing your money mindset, becoming a lucky bitch- Bootcamp is amazing too! Click book to buy on amazon

Brilliant read by Gay Hendricks- real look at self sabotage and Upper limit problem! Every entrepreneur should own a copy of this click book to buy on amazon

This is the book behind The Secret, It's super hard to even imagine the information in this book is a 100 years old as it's still so relevant today click book to buy on amazon

This blew my mind literally, the information in here years later I am still trying to comprehend the vastness of it- Great read! click book to buy on amazon

First Kabbalah book I read, there has been many since love the simple teachings in this book and I visit them often click book to buy on amazon

This is a classic self help book and firmly places Louise L Hay as they Queen of self help - seriously love this book, deep healing and understanding! click book to buy on amazon

This is not such a well know book by Doreen Virtue however it is a great work and study and I have found it very valuable both my self and my clients! click book to buy on amazon

I have lost count the amount of these decks I have bought over the year for dear friends, my own deck is very cherished great for daily affirmations click book to buy on amazon

 Spiritual & Woo Woo Books...

This book is tiny but packs a powerful punch my favourite on the violet flame- great read and practical applications of the violet flame click book to buy on amazon

One of my favourite sets of angel cards, really great deck for a beginner, been using mine years and still love them! click book to buy on amazon

Favourite tarot deck- trust me when I tell I have a lot to choose from- the imagery is from British landscape, gorgeous designs and tonnes of detail - click book to buy on amazon

Amazing look into past life regression, originally bought for me by a dear client this book I couldn't put down till it was all done - fear not 5 books in the series click book to buy on amazon

 Self Love Books...

Tiny profound read- takes less than hour to read cover to cover, but after I journaled and meditated on each page of this glorious book- can not recommend it enough! click book to buy on amazon

Self love is the key to happy life but how can you know what happiness looks like, if you have never given yourself permission to Get Selfish and look with in?  click book to buy on amazon

If Could give you just one tip to cultivate self love and create an amazing life it would be to adopt the attitude of gratitude! this beautiful full colour journal will make this process easy!  click book to buy on amazon

In the interest of total transparency these are my affiliate links for amazon - I have read every book I have recommended and would whole heartedly recommend them without an affiliate fee.