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Transform yourself with the gift of
the 13 BeMagic Insights.

Are you looking to make a change? The 13 BeMagic Insights are gift that will change your outlook and change your consciousness 

We can't expect change if we don't do something differently. 

What is BeMagic?

13 powerful insights, each leading you into mastery of the LIGHT & MAGIC in your life

A step by step process for higher consciousness and shifting your life through mastery of the insights  

Deep connection to your inner magic at a source level through the understanding the insights 

What my Clients Say....

Evelina Horvich - Manifestation Coach

These Insight go so deep I don't think I will ever be done with them. They just keep unfolding in my life 

Kristen Clark - Intuitive Coach 

These insights gave me so many ah-ha's and insights of my own - I will go back to them for ever more. 

Liam Wood - Crystal Guru & Author 

BeMagic Insights is a way to access your magic and internal power, grateful for these incredible insights.  

​What You'll Get When You Purchase Today

  • 13 BeMagic Insights
  •  13 BeMagic Insight Videos 
  • 13 In Depth workbooks for each insights 
  • Set 13 Journal prompts for each Insight
  • Access 24/7 all course material 

Come Meet Me... 

Hi I am Joanna Hunter, Spiritual Life and Business coach - Divine channel for Source and High Priestess of the LightWeb. I believe in magic, more importantly I believe in the MAGIC inside you.... these insights will help you unleash it!  


When the BeMagic insights where downloaded into my consciousness - recognised some immediately as guidance I have worked with for for many years, these beautiful insights unfolded a "grace" in my life which has lead to more abundance, harmony and peace in my life. 

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