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  I Have a Talent For. . .

... taking your overwhelm and turning it into a simple, step by step action plan that aligns with your soul and makes you money! My clients love working with me because I am fluent in woo woo and the law of attraction, but I am also fluent in marketing and business, so I act like a bridge between these two very different worlds. .  . 

Being a Spiritual Entrepreneur is who I am! It wasn't always an easy combo - Business & Woo woo, now after 2 decades of living breathing and eating this - I just own it!....

"I am Spiritual and I love being in business!"

However, it's taken the last 20 years to get business and woo woo to play nicely & sit side by side....At 23 years of age after having my first two kids, I starting my first proper business with next to no money and built 4 X six figure businesses in the three years that followed!  What a roller coaster!

From my Lava Java coffee shop, to my 3 Branded clothing boutiques, a friendship ending partnership in a shoe shop to eventually owning my own spiritual events company, My Inner Peace.  I’ve worked many years as a professional medium, life and business coach, spiritual teacher, business consultant and even went on to conquer dyslexia in order to publish my own book "Get Selfish - The way is through." 

"I am a coach with life experience of REAL business, that's the great, the good & the 'let's never mention that again' types of businesses"

I have seen a LOT!  I began mentoring others in business at 24, helping them achieve their goals.  In 2015 I created a radical change in my then coaching business by moving it completely online, creating my 5th six figure a year business.  I built my online academy, the Woo Woo Academy, that now has over 1000 enrolled students, whilst helping my global audience create the difference they came here to make, with business, mindset and woo woo!   

"Joanna Hunter - Inspirational, Intuitive, Visionary... "

I have this weird, wired mind that has a constant stream of thoughts and ideas flowing through it. At one time in my life, I am not going to lie, I found that hard to leverage.  Now I know it's the mind of an entrepreneur - we are called to solve life's problems.  I am multi passionate to the core.  I have turned those passions into many talents and even jobs over the years. It's like the whole time Source was guiding and training me ready to serve you in the best way possible.

"I have always been multi passionate - It is a complete myth you have to pick just one thing!"

I help spiritual entrepreneurs create massive momentum in their businesses. For me, life has truly been a mish-mash of contradictions.  I’ve experienced incredible highs and accomplishments, like winning multiple awards, including young entrepreneur of the year, not to mention the Royal Bank of Scotland Champion of Champions Business person of the decade - which took me from bread line to bread winner! This has been equally balanced with incredible lows...

My Spiritual Re-awakening

...like the lowest point in my life, which turned out to be the complete destruction and rebuilding of who I was.  It was to come in the form of a MASSIVE burnout in my early 30’s that had me rushed to hospital with multiple organ failure, the diagnosis - I was dying!   I was told to write my letters to my then two small children - it was a wake up call like no other!  In that hospital bed Spirit cracked me wide open and poured in the light, they infused my being with my divine mission - to help raise the vibration of the planet, by helping other spiritual entrepreneurs create their epic businesses and spread their light ... 

Recovery was a bitch - but as a HUGE bonus I did learn the art of self love and wrote my book 'Get Selfish - The way is through' as a way to share that journey... It all took me to this point, time and space in life where all my multi-passions converged on a singular point as a Spiritual Mindset and Business Coach - my Divinely guided calling.  

Are you are READY to get some amazing results???

...You are a woo woo loving, law of attraction using, Soul centred entrepreneur it’s my soul's purpose to help you be the leader you have be born to be, to fully step into that juicy, divine mission that you have burning deep in your soul and monetize the sparkles out of it! 

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"Be The Change You Wish To See In The World "  ~Gandhi