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Inside You There is a Universe of Magic 

Wanting to be Explored... 

Is it Time to Awaken YourInner Magic? 

  • You feel a deep longing for something more to life - a kind of spiritual homesickness.
  • You are noticing your intuition more and more and wish to be able to harness it.
  • You want to allow yourself to explore your spiritual gifts with a trusted guide. 
  •  Your ready to fully embrace your magic to learn tools and modals that you can use with your clients and friends.

Then this is for you! 

Spirit and Magic is who I am

I grew up with an awareness of spirit, There is no two ways about it. My soul set a very clear intention from the get go that this life I would be on a spiritual mission.... 

As a child I saw spirit everywhere and colours round all living things, by 15 began reading tarot, by 23 I was a spiritual teacher,  teaching all types of divination like oracles cards, Tarot, how to develop your intuition to mediumship, to meditation, to how to connect to your Angels and Akashic records. 

For over two decades now I have been a teacher and helped hundreds of people connect to that magical part of themselves that knows more than the five sense's tell us. 

The World is Awakening....

The world is awakening.... the truth is the path way to awakening is not always rainbows, unicorns and cute cat videos - in fact it can be scary and with feelings that you are losing your mind as you begin to see the world through awakened eyes and start to process everything differently. You start to question everything, sometimes even those giant questions like;


"whats it all for?" or "what is it all about?"

fill your mind, have you thinking you might be losing the plot.... add to that, things that once seem important no longer hold the same importance - you feel this longing you where meant for so much more.... 

The truth is, YOU are.... 



These are all signs you are ready for more....

Modern society has led us to believe that we are human and that is it. That the world is what you can experience with your five senses and that's it. That magic is something that only exists in fairy stories and that's it. 

 Anyone that believes this has been cheated out of their true birthright and the right to explore the magical being they are...

I am here to help guide you into this area of your life and to help you embrace your birthright...  

The Magic Within

This is a unique oppurtunity to become one of my spiritual students and learn from my 20+ years of building intuition, opening up spiritual gifts, all types divination, Akashic records, crystal, crystal grids, healing and much more...

This is the first time in 4 years I am opening this up 

There is a little spark of magic in all of us isn't time you inginted yours????

Connect with the Magic...  

Some stuff you should Know...

  • I  have been spiritual all my life! I remember my Past lives, and my soul has been doing this in work for Millenniums.      
  • I am a life long medium, that means I am super intuitive & psychic AF. I channel my spirit team 'Skylar' all the time , they drop some epic genius bombs for my clients straight from Source.  
  • I see energy round everything. Not only that, I can see where it's blocked or in reality locked and what the fastest route is to unlocking you to your greatness.
  • I have been teaching the Law of Attraction for 13 years, coupled with my ability to see energy and visualize the path of least resistance this an incredible combo. 
  • I have been a spiritual teacher since my early 20's. I am a healer and have the ability to heal with the spoken word - My words are literally magic!  
  • I am the worlds first teacher and High priestess of  the LightWeb™  a Soul Based Technology - This stuff will change your life!!! 

Ready to Supercharge Your Magic?

 Client Love....

Harriette Hale 

Europes Leading Money Mindset Coach, High Priestess of Light & Author 

Aside from Joanna helping me to pull in over 100k in less than five months, platforming me as a global expert,  completed a world tour, I have had several successful online course launches, sold out masterminds, and more clients than I could dare to dream, Joanna has also helped me to grow and expand my other businesses to a point where I simply receive a very healthy salary for doing sweet FA.

Joanna has helped me develop a healthier relationship with myself, my boundaries, and subsequently other people in my life, and if that's not enough she's walked alongside me as I initiated as a Priestess of Light.

Joanna  has shown me time and time and time again that I am enough,  I am capable, the world is my oyster, and the answers to all I desire are already within me. I thought I was spiritual before I met Joanna, but she has shown me the true meaning of Abundance; the convergence of spiritual and material wealth. Having both... well that's pretty freaking life changing. Would I recommend Joanna? Only if I can continue to time hog her because she genuinely makes you feel like you're the only person she's coaching. The care and time and energy she invests is truly life changing. I'd be lost without her.

Heather Teysko 

Head honcho at the worlds largest indie Tudor podcast! Author & Passionista Coach 

I would definitely recommend Joanna to anyone who wants to mix practical business skills with the spiritual aspect to keep their energy high, and work with the law of attraction to manifest their goals.

She's an awesome mix of woo woo with practical, and that's really rare!

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