+Give Me Clarity -QUICK!+

  • -Is your head in a pickle? Like someone swapped your brain for a washing machine on spin cycle, those thoughts are just spinning around?
  • -Do you think you might be losing the plot? You can't see the wood for the trees, and overwhelm and you have been roomies for a while now?
  • -Maybe you are frustrated with your life & biz, you feel like you are going nowhere fast?
  • -If only you had someone to brainstorm with that wasn't staring the problem in the face? Someone that spoke fluent woo woo, law of attraction, business and marketing!
  • -You have all these great skills and ideas, but you are a mass of overwhelm with no clear direction and you need some help getting into alignment. All this has you screaming. . .  

... Give Me Clarity- Quick!!!

Does any of the above sound like you? You will love my Clarity Quick Session.

A 60 minute session of sheer clarity that promises to. . .    

  • Bust through your blocks!
  • Get you that much needed clarity on your life or business or both!
  • Get you into super alignment for going forward, with practical advice and easy to implement steps!
  • Heal your indecision and create an aligned, high vibe action plan that will have you excited about your life and business again!
  • Refocus you and realign you in your business & life, giving you a plan that resonates with your soul.

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...Here's what my Gorgeous Clients Have to Say!

Margaret Johnston  Author & Tutor

"Joanna very quickly got straight to the heart of what I have been grappling with by asking an immediate, pertinent question. Her feedback to my answer and what she said about the 'golden thread' of my passions made complete and clear sense to me. This all happened in the first five minutes. The rest of the hour was all extremely useful - Joanna possessed a great deal of useful insight and information and had spent some time beforehand thinking through what might be helpful to me. I was extremely impressed and very grateful, and now feel inspired and fired up to get started. I'm very grateful."

"Loved talking with Joanna! I was feeling nervous to meet but she immediately made me feel so comfortable! I felt so understood and accepted. I went in feeling unclear, even about what I needed clarity on, and she seemed to know what I needed without me saying it. I was feeling "stuck" before talking... After talking with Joanna, I feel ready to take on the world! I'm inspired and I have clarity about my next steps. Joanna is amazing! I'm excited about my business again, I'm excited about my purpose again, and perhaps the biggest gift of all, I'm excited about me."

Stacie Danielle Empath & Empowerment coach
Inna Nirenburg Hey, what's next coach

"This was really great, Joanna was SO helpful! Clearly super experienced in her field, she quickly jumped in and gave me well over a dozen great pointers and ideas of how I could tighten up my funnel, re-structure my offer, and make better use of technology tools. All in one hour! It's a pleasure working with someone so knowledgeable, friendly, open, and helpful!"

Give Me Clarity -QUICK!

​60 Min session with Joanna Hunter done over Skype offering tons of clarity and hands on practical advice and intuition to help you in your life or business. Priced at $249~ 1 week email access after for follow ups.

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"Joanna was incredibly generous with her advice and really helped me regain my focus. She also smashed the overwhelm of starting projects that are out of my current comfort zone. Thanks Joanna, watch this space :)"

Su Winsbury Womens Empowerment coach