+Soul Centred Business Coaching+

Are You Ready For The Success You Were Born For?

    • You want to build a business that not only lights you up from the inside out and makes    a HUGE difference in the world, but also supports and nurtures you financially!
    • You want to get up each day with a sense of purpose, drive, unlimited passion and           clarity for your life and business!
    • And you want to finally embrace all the facets of your multi passionate, woo woo             loving, law of attraction using self, to finally have them work and play nice together!

. . .Annnnd you want it all now, if only you get some freaking clarity up in this gaff and figure out the how of it?

    • Because right now you are drowning in overwhelm, suffocating on indecision, blinded   by a lack of clarity.  
    • If the self doubt squirrels in your head suggest just one more time you "get a real             J-O-B" you'll explode! The frustration of going nowhere fast is eating away at you and     the tech overwhelm might just have your head exploding before the squirrels do!  
    • Your a good person, you have tons of knowledge and you're always helping others- so      why is it so hard to sort this for yourself? Lord knows you've tried!

​I've Been there, I get it!

I am an award winning business woman who has built multiple, six figure businesses and is totally fluent in woo woo, law of attraction and the lies we tell ourselves. I work only with spiritual, soul centred entrepreneurs who want to. . . 

    • Drop their frustrations, get to the clarity they know is inside them & create massive         momentum in their business. 
    • Learn how to move into super alignment with their souls purpose and quit       procrastination for good and finally create a regular income! 
    • Stop spinning their wheels, say goodbye to overwhelm, the lack mentality, working too   hard for far too little and move into the vortex of possibility with ease and joy! 
    • Turn their business into a money making, ideal client attracting, difference making         hub of excitement and high vibes!
    • Work smarter not harder, say no to icky, unaligned, salesy marketing and build a              business with ethics and values that aligns fully with their soul! 

I believe that it is completely possible for soul centered, multi-passionate entrepreneurs to make money while being completely aligned with the expansiveness of their soul! 

I have been in business for 17 years and built and sold multiple six figure businesses. As a natural and trained medium/ intuitive, I know a thing or two about creating a business that sings to your soul. I have helped hundreds of clients achieve super alignment, allowing them to create  businesses and dream lives that work on every level! Even when they are multi-passionate and thought they’d never figure it out!

I have conquered burn out, stared death in the face (more in my bio), encountered tons of failure, had many sleepless nights and wrangled with my multi-passions to emerge as an award winning entrepreneur that helps her clients to cut their learning curve and become the spiritual heart centered leaders they were born to be!

Working With Me. . . 

When you work with me you get access to my vast knowledge of running a spiritually aligned business. I give you every tool, tip and insight I have for getting you clarity, creating super alignment and making money in a way that honors your soul and values, while working smarter not harder.

As we work together I will encourage you to connect to your own divine knowing, reinstall your GSP -Global Soul Positioning and bring into focus the clarity of your divine purpose. I will make it easy for you to understand the tech that goes into building a successful business. I will also stretch and challenge you to become a more aligned and expansive version of yourself. I will never sugar coat the challenges before you, but instead I will strive to empower you with real, effective solutions that will make all the difference in your business and personal life.

Your Time is NOW!

When our time working together is done, you will have a clarity of purpose and a plan with simple step by step actions that will explode your business. You will have a deeper connection and alignment to your soul's purpose than ever before. I strive to leave my clients better than I found them- by better I mean, more focused, richer and aligned with their divine calling.

+Get Started+

Let's get you started. No matter where you are in your business, this 4 week package will give you focus, accountability, sets some important goals and puts the plan into place to make them happen!

What's included

  • 4 x 60min coaching sessions
  • 4 weeks of email access
  • Accountability
  • Access to energy clearing recordings to up level mindset


+ Take Off +

Clear the runway,  you are ready to take off. You are done staying small or stuck and you're ready to make a serious commitment for your success. This bespoke package will ensure great strides are made in the 8 weeks we work together.

What's included

  • ​1x Deep Dive Coaching session
  • 7 x 60 min coaching  sessions
  • 8 weeks of email access
  • Accountability
  • Business strategy plan (worth $397)
  • 1 x 30 min recorded Energy Clearing (worth $297) 
  • Access to my resource library 
  • Access to Energy Clearing Recordings 


+VIP's-Mentored By Joanna +

This is a 6 month intensive experience - Where I am your coach and mentor in your pocket for 6 months, to help you create, the business, mindset, magic and strategy for your dream life- due to the intensive nature of this package it's by application only. This package starts from $9,999 and has in person options - more info below to apply click the link to fill out the short application. 

  • 1 x VIP Half Day session - online or in person
  • 14 x 1:1 60min Sessions
  • 1 x 90min Final Session
  • 1 x Bespoke Business Plan & Strategy  
  • 3 x 20min Alignments Calls,) for when you need that extra support) 
  • 3 x Energy Clearing Sessions - to help up level
  • My ENTIRE Course Library including, Divine Planning - Abundant Profits
  • 6 Months Email Access 
  • 3 x Bespoke Energy Clearing Recordings 
  • Bespoke Options & Add on's i.e done for you website build, or course build can be agreed in advance.  
  • Get Started
  • Take Off
  • Vip's Mentored by Joanna

+Get Started Package+

Let's get you started. No matter where you are in your business, this 4 week package will give you focus, accountability, sets some important goals and puts the plan into place to make them happen!

We kick off with a deep dive 90min session to make sure I get a super clear picture of where you are at and what you want to achieve, even if your not fully clear yourself (here where working with a highly intuitive business coach, comes into its own). 

The Next 3 session's you receive my support and coaching on how to achieve the goals or objectives we laid out in the first sessions, I will provide, the how, the wisdom and strategy and you bring the taking action part.

As additional support you will get email access in-between sessions so you are never left hanging and feel fully supported. As a bonus you'll get my audio energy clearings for helping you up level your energy & create the right conditions for change. 

Check out my client feature with Sasha who had 4 weeks of coaching with me


All coaching packages are bespoke and completely tailored to you. We will agree on goals for our sessions and I will use all my experience, business know-how and intuition to create a plan that fits you perfectly, one that aligns with your soul, allowing you to achieve your dreams. With my support you will be  challenged into greater alignment and guided into the vortex of your souls expansiveness!  

Let's check if we would be a good fit. Book your FREE discovery call today by clicking the link below. . .   

"I don't know really what it is Joanna does? But it doesn't matter what I come to her with... You name it, family stuff, business stuff, just plain stress stuff or even spiritual issue's - Joanna always offers, a solution and the most insightful guidance that resonates at such a deep level, that's why I call her my GURU!!! A real modern day mystic!"

Paulyne BrownMedium & Hypnotherapist
Janet Norman Energy healer & Coach

"Joanna is very perceptive, astute and encouraging, her own wealth of experience in the business world providing a sound basis for the advice and suggestions she offered. She combines a keen intelligence with a genuinely heartfelt and honest approach to business and to her clients. I left feeling uplifted and nurtured with new perspectives and resolves for the growth of my business 'Aligned-Alive', which are now happily bearing fruit!"

"I would highly recommend Joanna Hunter for anyone who is looking for inspiration, direction and is ready to stand up and live a life they love! Since working with her I have attracted abundance in all areas of my life. Have the amazing Joanna show you the secret of life and you will never be the same again. Stand up and live the life you imagine!"

Debbie RowanMUA & Mrs British Empire

Check out my client feature with Heather who had 8 weeks of coaching with me

In the interest of complete upfront transparency- Coaching only works, if you do! Coaching is NOT a passive thing where magically you become richer, happier, more fulfilled and your business is suddenly on everyone's lips. Coaching is a 'doing thing' where the action that you take in your business is what creates the real results. Coaching is a strategy and a tool for creating your dreams but with out your commitment and input they remain unused tools and theory. Only undertake coaching if you are ready to fully commit to your dreams by taking action.