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OMG! My Beauty, the frustration is real! Sometimes we just can't see the woods for the freaking trees! Whatever is going on that has you screaming for CLARITY QUICK, you can grab a cuppa and tell your auntie Joanna all about it in this 60min session that promises to leave you a lot clearer than I found you- or your money back!

This is my super fairy power- It's like speaking to a psychic, a CEO, a marketing genius, a spiritual life/business coach & a law of attraction mindset expert all rolled into one- The result is masses and masses of clarity for YOU!  $249 ~BOOK NOW! 

 Are you looking for a business partner whose only agenda is helping YOU creating ridiculously massive success for yourself and your business? - I AM your girl! I do coaching in 4, 8 or 12 week packages and each package is as unique as you, no off the shelf garbage or some one size fits all 'crapolla' here- completely bespoke solutions for wherever you are in your business and where you've set your sights to go!!!

This coaching is intensive and transformational. After building 4, six figure businesses, I know success is a formula, it's not a magic formula but one of mindset, REAL actionable steps and simplicity! The more simple the plan, the greater the success! It's time to learn how to work smarter not harder- and simplify every area of your overwhelm to create a clear plan in your business that, when actioned, will make you unstoppable!  

For me, a huge part of life is giving value and being of service! I truly believe in helping others - it's not about the money for me, it's about looking in the mirror and seeing a person I can be proud of staring back!  Starting out in business can be hard, especially in the online world - there's like a bazillion voices all trying to get your attention, not to mention the tech overwhelm and all these must have courses...   

 Freedom Hunters is a FREE Facebook group to take refuge in when you are working on your freedom life. I share mindset tips, business woo woo and plain speak business tips to help you step into greater alignment and stop the overwhelm- Join me HERE to connect with other soul centered online entrepreneurs  who are creating their freedom life too!  

Kai ElliotTarot Advisor

A very productive session, with ideas that would have probably taken me a year or two to figure out on my own.  I wanted a really targeted session without a lot of fluff and Joanna totally delivered on that. At the same time she is totally fluent in 'woo' so she understood completely where I was coming from. Joanna is well worth the investment in yourself and your business. Money well spent. Thank you Joanna! 

Sasha DentThe Mummy Guru

Joanna was lovely to talk to, she helped me clarify so much of my confusion. She has given me a great plan to get my butt into gear and get my biz off the ground! Thank you so much for your insight and wealth of knowledge, I could talk to you for hours! Kind regards, Sasha.

Pippa wiseThe Make up Chair- Director

Being a solo entrepreneur is a long and lonely road. Having someone to talk to and bounce ideas around with is essential. Joanna not only gave me some valuable new insights but also helped solidify the plans I already have and highlighted the important sign posts I need to guide me along the way. All in 1 hour! Add to that she is one really lovely lady! Thanks Joanna xx