Create Your Own Wordpress Website in a Weekend!

This course is based on:

Wordpress: Isn't that super hard? 

This Course is Step by Step  

Wordpress can be minefield - This course in conjunction with Thrive Themes Wordpress product suite* takes the guess work out of creating a beautiful website you can be proud of! You'll be shown every stage from start to finish.

Putting The Power Back In Your Hands

Time and time again, I got sick of seeing my clients be held to what felt like ransom just to do very simple things on a website like change a price or add a picture- This course is designed to empower you to do all this and more - Freedom!

We Cover Branding and Copy

It's easy to be shown how to put a website together; click here, do this but great websites have beautiful branding and gripping copy. Thats what makes them stand out! In this course I got you covered! 

Why This Course?

Because I am not a web designer - Infact I have NO intention of becoming one-what I am is a spiritual entrepreneur.... I use my website every day, I help my clients with theirs and I know what good websites need in real life! How to make a website that gets results, not just looks good on a web designer portfolio!

*Thrive Wordpress Theme is not included needs to be purchased separately   

So Whats all included?

 2 Downable Workbooks

2 Downloadable workbooks that give you step by step how too's and help you create a clear website plan!

Idea's For Page Layouts

Idea's for page layouts and what makes a good page lay out for your website! 

A Website Plan

Avoid the biggest mistake when creating websites; a lack of plan, by following our step by step plan.

Website Copy Formula's

I give you different copy formula's, that make it east to create compelling sales pages.  

Over 20 Step by Step Videos

Over 20 video's covering everything from branding to the pre build and prep to actual step by step building.

Create Your Own Branding 

Module jam packed with website branding resources and how to create your own!

WholeModule Just On Blogging

We have a whole module just on creating your blog with ease- with Thrive themes it's even easier. 

How to Create Landing pages

Create your own landing pages - in thrive and save by not having to fork out for additional soft ware.  

About  Joanna Hunter

I am spiritual life and business coach, I help spiritual entrepreneurs to create businesses that make impact and change the world, to do that in todays market you need a kick ass website - that reflects you as your brand. 

I created Website In A Weekend, after I got sick and tired of seeing how disempowered some of my clients where, when it came to their website...I knew just how that felt.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 18 years I have had quite a few websites in my time - In fact my hubby is a web designer and his company ethos has always been to build websites that the small business owner could take care off themselves, having seen me in the early days struggling to pay web designers for every little change or them not being able to do jobs for weeks on end!  Thats no use!

When I began seeing the same thing that happened to me in my clients - I knew I needed to put the power back in YOUR hands !

Is This Course Right for You?

This is For You if....

  • You want control over your own website- to make changes and even redesign any time you wish.
  • You want to make your own beautiful landing pages and set these up with ease!
  • You want to save $1000's on web designer by do it yourself! 
  • You never want to feel held back by your website again! 

This is NOT for you if....

  • You have no interest in making your own website
  • Happy to pay a web designer for every little change you want to make to your website 
  • You enjoy having no control over your own website 
  • Have no desire to create your own landing pages or being able to customise your own website.

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