Your Psychic Adventure Awaits. .  .

Tarot & Oracle June 

Learn to deeply connect with your own intuition how to read tarot & oracle cards the intuitive way. Connect to side of yourself that is always connected to source delight your friends, family, clients and even yourself as you discover hidden talents.

Crystal Powered July 

We dive into the world of crystal’s, dowsing (divining with a crystal pendulum), learning about colours there meanings and our energy charka’s all in a Crystal Powered July. Learn to work with crystals, for boosting manifestations, healing and well being!

Akashic Records August

To complete your psychic summer school- I will take you on a guided tour of the akashic records to heal blocks and you be taught energy clearing techniques that will create deep shifts in your consciousness.

3 months, 3 classes & whole load of fabulousness! With Mistress of the Woo Woo Joanna Hunter 

>>> 3 different classes over 3 months - Take one, two or all three to create your own psychic adventure.

>>> Life Time Access

>>> Each month come's with a Psychic party call

Create your own psychic adventure this Summer with our #psychicsummer

June's Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Cards

I have taught 100's of people to read tarot and many of my students I have gone on to become professional tarot readers. In this class you'll be taught Tarot & Oracle card reading.  INSTANT ACCESS TO THIS CLASS

  • My complete Intuitive Tarot Course
  • Oracle Cards 101 
  • Live Psychic party Call on 29th June 8pm (Uk time) 
  • 3 special emails for top connection tips 
July's Crystals, Colours & Chakar's 

Crystals delight and fasinate everybody who comes into contact with them. In this course you be shown how to cleanse, programme and tune into the crystals, we will dive into colour, aura's and their meanings and learn dowsing with a crystal pendulum to balance chakra's.  STARTS 13th JULY 

  • My complete Crystals & Chakra's course
  • Intuitive colour 101
  • Live Psychic party Call on 20th July 2017 8pm (Uk time) 
  • Manifesting Grids 
August's Akashic Records Adventure

Akashic record hall's, store all the thought's, deeds and actions of every human soul. Located in the astral plane the Akashic Records halls can be used to clear blocks and facilitate deep healing & in this course you be show how to clear old energy that is holding your back in the akashic records.  STARTS 10th AUGUST  

  • My complete Akashic 101 course 
  • The 7 rays of spiritual light class
  • Live Psychic party Call on 17th Aug 2017 8pm (Uk time) 
  • 3 special email meditations for deeper connection
Choose All 3 Classes & Get a Bonus! 

Buy all three #psychicsummer classes and get my Tea leaf reading bonus masterclass. Learn to read the tea leaf's  DELIVERED after Aug 24th 2017

  • Learn to read tea leafs
  • Fab and easy
  • Anyone can learn. 
Mistress of the Woo Woo 

Hey a warm welcome to #psychicsummer. I am Joanna Hunter, Mistress of the Woo Woo and Spiritual life and business coach. I have been psychic all my life and I have taught other people to embrace their psychic selves since I was 23 years old. I began reading tarot at 15 and I have always been in love with the unseen world that surrounds us, guiding and protecting us. 

This amazing resource is open to every human being - we just need to tune in. I am so excited to bring you three months of deep connection and intuition... What hidden talents will you uncover. . . ​

“Embracing your psychic senses is like a brand new adventure, as you begin to realise every moment is sacred!” - Joanna Hunter

Create your own psychic adventure this summer... Take one, two or all three of the classes join in the fun! 

Will you choose Tarot & Oracle June? 

Or Will it be Crystals, Colours & Chakra's? 

Or Will it Be Akashic Records?  

Or Will It Be All Three And You'll Receive a Special Bonus: Tea Leaf Reading Class?   

What People Are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I was always amazed at Joanna's accurate readings- when she offered a tarot class I jumped at the chance...

“I been curious about the tarot and psychic abilities for years - I would get readings done... I never thought I could learn to read the cards myself. Joanna made the class super fun and easy to understand. I have to be honest I have shocked myself at how accurate my readings can be, my friends are amazed- Thank you Joanna ”

Sarah- Inverness
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

If your looking for a fun, relaxed, inspiring way to learn about an amazing subject then this is for you!

“I have always had an Interest in tarot after attending Joanna's My Inner Peace Tarot Workshop, I was inspired and gained so much confidence and knowledge in reading tarot. If your looking for a fun, relaxed, inspiring way to learn about an amazing subject then this is for you!"

Leanne - Inverness
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I learned so much more than I thought I could...

I've known Joanna for many years and like her I've also been able to read the cards since a very young age. I was interested in trying her workshop and I'm glad I did. Even though I had been doing it myself for many years, I learned so much more than I thought I could. Joanna has a very gentle and simple way of explaing new techniques and is an encyclopedia off information on the mystical and magical. Joanna truly is the mistress of all that it woo woo. A course with Joanna is so much more than just learning new skills and techniques, its also a lot of fun and guaranteed to be a fab adventure.

Jennifer  - Invergordon (Professional Tarot Reader) 

Is This Course Right for You?


  • You own loads of crystals, deck's of cards, you love a wee delve into the psychic. 
  • You know in your heart there is something more to this world than meets the eye, you want to develop your psychic self.   
  • You want a deeper connection with the universe and yourself, to hear divine guidance more clearly. 
  • You are open minded and ready to explore your psychic self. 


  • You are closed minded, have ridged beliefs and not open to new experiences. 
  • You don't believe in psychic anything and you think it's a load of hog wash. 
  • The whole psychic thing scares you and creeps you out. 
  • You don't want to feel more connected with yourself and develop a deeper trust of the universe.
100% Money back guarantee 

When you buy one of my courses I want to you to buy with confidence - If for any reason you find the course is not for you as long as you have not downloaded the workbook I am happy to refund you within 7 days. No questions. 

Let's Get Started! Choose Your Psychic Summer Below

Buy the course of the month or all 3 to bag yourself a discount and a fab bonus class! 

JULY Class- Crystals, Colours & Chakra's $97

  • Crystals & Charka's
  • Intuitive Colour 101
  • Manifesting Grids for Crystals 
  • Lifetime access with on- demand download

Crystal Powered July for $97 

All 3 Classes, Jun, Jul, Aug - $249

  • 3 Classes
  • 3 Live Psychic Party Calls
  • Lifetime access with on-demand download
  • BONUS - Tea Leaf reading Class

All for $249 or 3 payments of $83


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Will this take a lot of time complete?

Do you offer refunds?

I only want two of the courses, how do I get them? 

Is this just for beginners?

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