Are You Ready For a Personal  Revolution?

What Would It Take to Create a Revolution in Your Life?

Get Selfish - The Revolution Retreat With Spiritual Life & Business Coach Joanna Hunter​

23rd to the 29th April 2018, Ubud Bali Indonesia 

There is no accident your on this page- You came in search of a REVOLUTION- for your life and nothing less will do!

I believe your soul has lead you to this page, because YOU are ready to answer it's call and create the life of your dreams. In order to do that you are willing to go through a emotional and spiritual revolution to create the change! In this 7 Days, 6 nights retreat, I Joanna Hunter will work on your VISION, MISSION & PURPOSE .... helping you to reconnect to LOVE! Your own never ending source of abundance... on this foundation we will build the blue print for your DREAM LIFE! 

First Act of Self love...

Answer the call of your soul in Bali, a tropical island paradise seeped with spiritual energy, and breath taking beauty- Your first act of self love is giving your self this retreat as we hold the intention and space for you to fully learn the art of self love and self acceptance. This is the foundation we will build your dream life!

Removing Resistance...

Gently through energy healing we will begin to remove any resistance, self doubt and negative energy from your body, and energy fields preparing you emotionally, spiritually, and mentally for going through the self to reconnect with source... 


Bali's beautiful energy will help you find your way back to yourself, a deep reconnection under our loving guidance and support - Ending the disconnection that has had the universes most persistent messengers calling you on; lack, depression, and not feeling CREATE the life of your dreams 

Exhale your Falsehoods...

Exhale all your falsehoods, conditioning, BS and stories that no longer serve you. Exhale the stress of having stayed too strong, for too long- we got you. EXHALE the not good enough, the lack and the self critic... Let it go!  

Breathe in Love

As you disconnect from the cycle of lack and reconnect to source, that ever abundant energy we learn to breathe in the love and reconnect once more to our true nature, which is joy, happiness, abundance and love... You know this in your soul to be true - let us help you remember. We will dive deep into the steps for manifesting your dream life! 

The Retreat...

We will spend a week in the beautiful and spiritual setting of Ubud in Bali, surrounded by nature, her sounds and all her beauty, we will be transported to a place of remembering within us, as we are guided on the journey back to ourselves, through the self to the truth of us, our immortal soul, to self love and acceptance.  

  • You will be greeted and chauffeured driven from the airport, then taken to our beautiful accommodation set in gorgeous Ubud, Bali
  • Welcome meeting and intention setting ceremony where Per Van Spall will prepare us for our inward journey with a energy clearing session. 
  • Each day we will start with a guided meditation, connecting to source, set our intention for that day.
  • Every morning we will have a workshop, with myself Joanna Hunter where we will dive deep into our self, find our way back to truth, our own source and have those all important honest conversations with ourselves. To create our dream life
  • There will be plenty of time to reflect, journal and absorb the teachings as well as impromptu meaningful chats. 

The Excursions

  • Traditional Balinese massage to ease sore muscle and relax you from the flight so we start by feeling loved and pampered as we honour self care by gifting ourselves the art of relaxation.   
  • We will wash away our 'not enoughs', and our old energy at the sacred temple of Pura Tirta Empul in a water blessing ceremony 
  • We will visit the breath taking rice steps, take in the natural beauty and stop for a freshly squeezed juice.  
  • New Moon - Ceremony will help us let go of the old and welcome the new. 
  • a half day of 'free time' to explore Ubud's markets, taking in the craftsman ship and the artisans followed by a leisurely dinner 
  • The closing ceremony for this spectacular retreat will be a Karma Cleansing ceremony - holding the intention we will let go of suffering and move into greater joy by letting our soul take the driving seat. 

Focus on this retreat, will be learning self love and creating the life of your DREAMS- A return to yourself, happiness, joy, ease and flow- each day we will uncover the beautiful inner truth of you. We will dive deep with honest conversations, challenge your self limiting beliefs, create your unshakable self love foundation, on which you can build a dream life you can bank on! 

Before the Retreat & After the Retreat...


  • You will receive a detailed welcome packet, so I will know how best to serve you during the retreat. 
  • Given an invite to join us on an intimate inspirational call, where you will get to meet the team and start your journey by setting your sacred intention. We will start with a beautiful energy clearing healing as we hold space for you..
  • You also receive a detailed itinerary and special gift form me, to officially welcome you into the tribe four weeks before we leave


  • You receive a invite to special call where we can share memories and integrate our learning.  
  • Access to online drop box account for photo and video sharing.
  • Audio recording of energy clearing to keep you topped up and connected as you integrate back into real life
  • Vital whats next steps...

Chief Revolutionary - Joanna Hunter

Hey a super warm welcome! I am Joanna Hunter- Author of Get Selfish- The Way Is Through, I am a Visionary Muse, Spiritual Life & Business Coach and Mindset coach

It will be my very great honour holding space for you in beautiful Bali while you journey through the self, through all your layers of conditioning, BS, falsehoods to once more reconnect to your own truth, your soul, with source. 

I am highly intuitive, you could say I was born with my spiritual gifts switched on, 8 years ago my spirit team asked me to write my book Get Selfish- The way is through to teach humanity a deep transformational healing the returning to the soul, the reconnection to source and ending of individual suffering.

I have helped hundreds of clients reconnect to a deeper meaning, develop self love & acceptance, live happier lives and be more abundance than they though possible.  Thats what I want for you...     

Is Bali Calling You?

Is Bali Calling you? Has your soul lite up at the prospect of reconnecting once more to your higher truth, source energy. Investment in this life changing retreat is $3000, if deposit is paid by August 2017.  If your soul has called you to be here jump on a quick call with me, let see if you are a fit.

Important Information... 

23rd- 29th April 2018 

Whats Included... 

  • 6 nights, 7 days Accommodation, in Ubud Bali based on two sharing (single supplement available on request)
  • 7 Breakfasts
  • 4 Lunches (this will allow you free time to explore or enjoy stillness on your own- food is plentiful and well priced in Bali)
  • 5 Dinners including one with entertainment
  • Airport Transfers in Bali from airport to retreat & return
  • All excursions, Pura Trita Temple, Rice Steps, New moon ceremony, karma cleansing and half day at market's  
  • Daily meditation
  • Morning Workshops 
  • Group energy sessions
  • Balinese Massage


The Investment in this life changing retreat is :

Instalments: $3000.... (10 x $300- all payments require to be in 6 weeks before travel)

Deposit: $300-non refundable deposit paid at booking before 3oth June 2017 

Discount if paying in full 

Whats Not Included... 

  • Flights
  • Any additional accommodation needed to meet flights
  • Meals out with the aforementioned meals
  • Room service 
  • Additional excursions or events 
  • Spa services 

Please Note...

Since this is an exclusive and intimate retreat, all participants will go through an application process first. My goal is to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone and for the group, so that there is flow from the beginning. However, once payment is made, the sale is final. We do not offer refunds.

Early Bird Bonus...  

Book before December 31st 2016 Receive 2 X 1:1 sessions with Joanna Hunter one before the retreat and one after valued at over $498. If booked before 30th June 2017 

Make the Commitment to Your Dream Life... 

Apply to this life transforming retreat, by clicking the link below

People wait all year for summer, they wait to be a certain weight or look a certain way, sadly they wait a life time for happiness. There is no magic pill, no quick fixes or guru out there that can make you happy.... That privilege is YOURS and yours alone! Nobody can think and feel for you, so it stands to reason you also hold the solution. That means you have a choice; you can wait, or you can take action?  Let us guide you back to yourself, that inner guru, your inner expert- let us lead you to your inner path of happiness- STOP waiting....Your time is NOW!