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Law of Attraction MasterClass

This masterclass give you my 5 step method for manifesting anything you want- I have personally used this to successfully manifest cars, houses, money, opportunity and even tickets to see the Dali Lama- sold out tickets I may add ... let me tell you, seeing him in person was fabulous! 


7 Day Energy Reset MasterClass

When you up-level in business, you are moving your energy with purpose, but if you don't clear the old energy out it can keep you stuck and repeating patterns. This Energy Reset is all about helping you to reset the Chakra points and clearing old beliefs and energies out. 

This will become a go to tool you'll visit again and again!


Coming Soon! Money Mojo MasterClass

This is the third in the LOVE ENERGY Series which are all on - Energy & Mindset. This masterclass will feature your money mindset game changing info on how to shift out of lack into abundance.

Coming Soon 

I can honestly say my session today was life changing- I cannot thank you enough!

Jill Lyle 
- Scotland

Business Courses

Create Your Own Passive Income Product

This course is all about creating your own passive income Course. I will share with you:

  • The Online Tools
  • How Tos
  • Structure of your course
  • Course deliver systems
  • Tips 

Coming Soon 

Website In A  Weekend!

Every business needs a website. Being able to do your own website is a skill that saves you time and money and when using thrive themes, you'll be able to make your own landing pages too.

I created this course to help you rock out your own website in a weekend - I help you to plan and design with over 20 how-to videos, teaching you the exact steps to create your own custom WordPress websites- a skill you'll enjoy for years to come 

This programme has been the game changer in terms of my business- it's the structure I have used to increase my sales and create massive momentum in my business- while working smarter not harder... 

This course contains 4 plans that feed into each other to create a business that is streamlined to help you hit your goals, make the impact you came here to make and to break the feast and famine cycle in your business for good! 

Heart Of Success

Discover the blocks to success, if you have them and then how to clear them in this genius course to get you to the heart of your success

For Courses on Mindset. . . 

I have some wonderful Courses  on mindset and creating happiness which I do under the banner of Get Selfish.

For Get Selfish Courses & Details Please click the link below - your life starts NOW! 

For Courses On Woo Woo

What's life without a sprinkle of magic? Connecting to source is our birthright and I love helping people find deeper connection to source and awaken their spiritual gifts!  

 Some Juicy Business Freebie's. . .  

1:1 Work  With Me. . .

Some of my clients prefer bespoke coaching, in a 1:1 setting with accountability and a more hands on approach- I offer a range of  packages to suite your needs.