Buffer on Tool Tech Tuesdays

Welcome to Tool Tech Tuuuuuesdays – this is where I take the online business tools of the trade, break them down and show you how to use them! I know- the sweet soul I am! but all jesting aside if I can just help you avoid, the hair pulling, cross eyed frustration of it all- […]

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Healing Money Stress!

Urghhhh….. Money stress who fricking needs it?  I mean seriously I have been there… if there is one joy stealer in this world this would be near the top of the list- For Sure! It takes up a lot of bandwith in your mind and distracts you from the NOW, stops you from being fully […]

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Multipassionate Vlog

Hey Gorgeous Soul. . . Thought I’d try something new…. Here’s my first attempt at a Vlog- Feeling my fear and doing anyway! Drop me a comment below if you liked meeting me in video! If you are multi-passionate this vlog is for you and a wee intro to myself! and Daisy my little Jack Russell fur […]

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Owning Who You Are

Owning who you are….  This is actually a seriously difficult thing to do! We are bombarded by a ton of opinions on what we should be like, how we should act and even what we should say! Yet if we do that we deny the world something very special indeed. Our authentic selves, since there […]

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12 Positivity Ideas

Happy New Year!!!  Let’s make a packed just me and you…. What do say to making this year your most positive ever? Making positivity a daily habit- that will have you enjoying life even more!!! Okay let’s do it! I’ve got a list you’ll love to making this year your most positive ever… 12 Idea’s […]

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