Born in Stockholm Sweden, I moved to the majestic Highlands of Scotland at the age of ten. I now know I was born to be a leader in my own right, but that didn't stop those early years being character building, when you add my mediumship, crazy accurate intuition and being a foreign girl in a strange land to the mix!

-Ye-ah the odds of me fitting in were soooo stacked against me, lol! Maybe you know what that's like too?

I have a talent for taking your overwhelm and turning it into a simple, step by step action plan that aligns with your soul and makes you money! My clients love working with me because I am fluent in woo woo and the law of attraction, but I am also fluent in marketing and business, so I act like a bridge between these two very different worlds – My journey to this point has been quite a ride. . .

"Joanna Hunter- Inspirational, Intuitive, Visionary... "

My Journey. . .

For me life has truly been a mish mash of contradictions. I’ve experienced incredible highs and accomplishments, like winning awards, including young entrepreneur of the year and going from bread line to bread winner, which have been equally balanced with incredible low’s, like hitting a burnout in my early 30’s that had me rushed to hospital with multiple organ failure, the diagnosis, I was dying! Through all the failures and all the triumphs, I have held a strong conviction that I was meant for more- maybe you have too?.  .  . 

I have this weird wired mind that has a constant stream of thoughts and ideas flowing through it, at one time in my life I found that hard to leverage. Now I know it's the mind of an entrepreneur- we are called to solve lifes problems. I am multi passionate to the core. I have turned those passions into many talents and even jobs over the years. From being a trained make-up artist to doing local store marketing for a McDonald's Restaurant, to being the youngest ever manager, at the age of 19, in the department store chain, House of Fraser's.

I have always been multi passionate- truth be told it drove me crazy sometimes! 

My schools of learning have been hard knocks, the University of life and sheer gumption! All these seemingly unconnected dots in my life were the training day for my souls true purpose, helping other Multi Passionate Soul Centred Entrepreneurs

make sense of their passions and create a business and life they love while making a massive difference in the world.

At 23 years of age after having my first two kids, I starting my first proper business with next to no money and built 4 six figure businesses in three years! From my Lava Java coffee shop, to my 3 Branded clothing boutiques, a friendship ending partnership in a shoe shop to eventually owning my spiritual events company, My Inner Peace. I’ve worked many years as a professional medium, life and business coach, spiritual teacher, business consultant and even conquered dyslexia to published my own book! Get Selfish- The way is through. 

Simply put, if you are a woo woo loving, law of attraction using, soul centred entrepreneur- I get you! and it’s my souls purpose to help you be the leader you have be born to be, to fully step into that juicy, divine mission that you have burning deep in your soul and monetize the sparkles out of it! If you want to find out more about working with me click below to book your FREE Consultation session today! 

"Be The Change You Wish To See In The World "  ~Gandhi